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Pilar Isabel Pollock is an artist and writer, who resides in Southern California. Pilar’s work in art includes: altered books and materials, book binding and arts, beading and jewelry making, fabric and textile, dollmaking, painting, and digital arts. With an English literature background, Pilar continues her work in literary scholarship, research and criticism. As a writer, Pilar’s work can be found in Artitude Zine and other art periodicals. The author of The Medea Letter, a volume of poetry written during the years of 2002-2005, Pilar is currently working on her second book of poetry.


art, alternative art, outsider art, art brut, surrealism, neo-surrealism, beading, jewelry making, wire work, book arts, book binding, fabric and textile art, dollmaking, painting, drawing, digital images, literature, arthur rimbaud, sylvia plath, dante, classical literature, ancient cultures, history, hellenic era, medieval literature, medieval history, hagiography, catholic imagery, goddess, saints, our lady of guadalupe, middle ages, renaissance, old english, middle english, french literature, modernism, post-modernism, poetry, literary criticism, music, nine inch nails, led zeppelin, jeff buckley, human drama, pj harvey, jill tracy, jane's addiction, tool, godsmack, a perfect circle, dead can dance, jimmy page, altered art, altered books, collage, digital collage, watercolors, acrylic, atc, atcs, antonin artaud, susan sontag, jacques derrida, lord byron, shelley, keats, de quincy, yeats