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July 27, 2006



Hey this is a really nice blog! I'm kinda hooked on Rockstar myself. I think this year's band will end up deciding between Lukas and Dilana (my personal pick). I also enjoy watching Big Brother, but this summer's show is very weird with it being All Stars. I'm thrilled to see the evil Dr. Will back in the house, but otherwise it's just kinda weird. I'm also looking forward to the Amazing Race in the fall season.


Oh Pip!!! I saw INXS live three times. Twice in Bonn their early years, smaller gigs, and then HUGE in Frankfurt. Remember the day they announced on the radio what Michael did what he did :( I just pulled into the parking lot to do grocery shopping. Started crying, had to wait a bit to move on and face reality. I went to many many rock/pop concerts, but he so was the BEST, sexiest and whatever singer and performer on the stage!

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