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August 05, 2006


Linda M. Findley

Pilar I also hate to wait on the drying process so most of my things I work on like that I have several things going at one time, any way ... just wanted to say super these textile projects are beautiful and if you have the patients to do these then you souldn't have a problem waiting for stuff to dry, to me textile work like this is the time machine, again they are beautiful


Pilar, I LOVE your fabric work! I wish you would update your picture trail and flicker more often as your work is incredible and very inspirational to look at. Your use of color and images is so refreshing.

Enjoy your day and hopefully it is all dried by now, so go art!! :0)


Just found your yummy blog!! I've been so out of touch downunder and just getting back into my groove!
hugs a bunch and welcome to blogland.


Ooooo, they are so yummy and delicious!I adore the brilliant colors and I've recently become enamored with any kind of religious items!


Pilar - found you! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I hate waiting for drying time too - but it's so important. That's why I have a jillion things going on at one time so I can flit around during the drying time. Love these fabric pieces - you're much more daring with color then I'll ever be! Cheers.


I don't know who you are or where you came from or why I wasn't friends with you sooner- I love your stuff and your voice--- and I found it because you came to my blog. I stuck you on my blogroll. Hope to see more of your great work soon... love the textile pieces. And the mail art. Yay, you. :)


Oh my...these are yummy and making me want to pull out all my fabric! I have swaps to do woman! WHY do you tempt me so when I have to work in paper????!!!!


Your fabric work is so beautiful. I can appreciate how much time this took.


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