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September 08, 2006


Sylvia Luna

Maybe Mizz Inner Critic should look in the mirror and see that she doesn't really exist. She would like to be in this physical plane, but does not have the power to do so because with each new art piece that you create she fades into the night until she is completely gone for good. You are the light of creation.
The Moon knows.


Ms. Inner Critic has been visiting inside my head lately, too! How to get rid of her?
I can't wait to see what your brilliant mind has been putting to canvas.


We all have a Mizz inner critic. I think she needs to be there - to a certain degree that is. Luna is right to suggest her to look in the mirror. She won't be surprised to see a beautiful talented artist! She is just trying to bring out the best in you. Looked at your photo galleries and I need to put you on my list of digital heroes! Simply brilliant. Mizz Suicide made me sad though. Powerful and brilliant design.

deb trotter

Ah, yes. The Inner Critic Bitch rears her ugly head. She visits many of us from time to time - she's a scoundrel, that one. I offer her no food - there's a tidbit of self-doubt left on my plate that she enjoys nibbling on - but she gets hungry for someone else's soul and leaves. You and I must never let her back in.

Hugs, my friend.



Yes, I agree, well said.

Your work is lovely. Here's hoping to success,,,,,,,,,,for all of us

Kristen Peterson

I just want to know if your Inner Critic Bitch looks like Nina Garcia? Hmmm....


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