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September 01, 2006



Don't have the answer either my dear. It must be individual. I'm so glad you found my blog and now I can enjoy your ponderings and prosa here. It was and still is a pleasure reading your e-mails! As to TV ... quantitiy is indeed not quality. But I'm hooked on Gilmore Girls and flip in one of the DVDs (have all the seasons!) I feel perfectly amused and entertained.


Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. And I hear you about nothing on TV lately. I'm a "reality tv" junkie, so I'm looking forward to some of the new episodes starting again in September.

The only good part about this, though, is that I'm finally able to get some artwork done!!

Sylvia Luna

Pip, when you figure out the gaping hole theory, publish it. We'd all buy it, it would be a numero uno best seller! Need a model? Just ask me. LOLOL
I love your writings and art and you know I adore you.
Ps I hate it when there is nothing on to watch, even for the noise.

Kristen Peterson

OMGosh!....I LOVE, love LOVE Project Runway!!! And I totally agree with you about the 'drama' factor this year. I'm not really 'in love' or emotionally attached to anyone this season...but if I had to pick someone I'd hate to see leave, it would be Michael, then Laura, and then Uli! I have to say their talent is soooo much better than last season.....but to me the creme dela creme of all of them was JAY! I just adored his sense of humor! I hear he's showing at New York Fashion week next week! I can't wait to see what he shows....I definitely plan to buy something of his!
My all time hated person on that show was UGGG Wendy Pepper.....(barf!) I haven't ever watched the Supernova show....I'm totally addicted to Laguna Beach (my parents still have a house there)and Big Brother. My boyfriend loves Amazing Race...he and I would be hilarious (not in a flattering way mind you!) We totally get snappy at each other, but never take it seriously. Anyway, I'm totally rambling....must be that PR thing ya mentioned! ;))

p.s. (I hate AC! And totally know what you mean about what it does to your nose and throat!...and it always seems to get really bad in any large art/craft supply store like Michaels!....I have to totally have a game plan or I know I'm going to feel it in 10 mins!....run to the Golden paint section, pens & pencils and get the hell out of there!)lol!

Kristen Peterson

btw, about Nina.....I totally agree with the tops!....Her necklaces are also usually the same too!

I have to also say, I don't thing Michael Kors has "the-one-liner-describe the-designer-in-totally random-ways-ness" that he used to! He had the best one's last season....

Ok, enough PR! ;))

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