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October 27, 2006



I was equally influenced by Sylvia Plath as a child. I read her book as an adolescent and her poetry in college. Thanks for paying homage to her in your blog!


thanks, pilar. i didn't know it was her birthday and didn't grow up on her. but, oddly enough, i've been reading her poem, the mirror, over the last few days. i think it is a lovely one. perhaps she was calling to me to celebrate as well.

cheers to sylvia.

Debbie Overton

I loved The Bell Jar and Sylvia Plath. Can't wait to see who you celebrate next. Debbie O


That really is a gorgeous picture. I've never seen it. Like you said, the usual pictures of her are much more morose. I remember finding an old used paperback copy of the Bell Jar in high school and faintly remembered hearing that Sylvia Plath killed herself at a young age and was a feminist. :-) Being very familiar with depression, I was intrigued to know what she would write about. That was the only thing of hers I read b/c it wasn't what I expected a tortured soul to write. I enjoyed it but felt like I didn't "get it". I think it was mostly because of this persona of Sylvia Plath, crazy woman, which was nothing like the complex human being she was IRL. These are great thoughts and make me want to go get that dusty copy off of the bookshelf. It was one of the very few paperback books I've kept from that time.

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