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October 28, 2006



LOVE the pics and reading thru tag replies. Very gothic my dear. Died my hair black only once, stayed naturally brunette ever since. Not quite sure if I want to be tagged haha. I looked mildly similar when I went to a Peter Murphy concert though ;)


OMG!! You crack me up!! Love those pics!! I have a pic of me in "Cure" style make-up. Dont know that I will be posting it!!! lol


I loved reading all these little tid-bits about you :o) but the one that really gets me is where you can crack your nose......i have never ever heard of that...that is wild! Love those pics of you.


Omigosh, too funny! Some of you, I can relate to....others, well, lets just say you crack me up! I love that you name your birds...tell me, do you name your car? We do! Duncan the Dodge, Logan the Land Cruiser, Clancy the Chevy....the scary one, Christine the Cutlass! Very scary car! Mean like your beautiful bird! Oh, thank you for giving me a wonderfully good laugh!


Hey! Great photos! You remind me a lot of Betsey Johnson!....(not that old, of course....just that cool!)

I like how you name your birds in your backyard!



My husband thought it was a riot when I named the toad squatting in front of our garage the "Malevolent Toad" and then proceeded to herd him and his followers out of the way every night so I could park... I think he was waiting for me to name all of them also. It's great to see other people also name their natural/guest visitors! :)

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