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January 10, 2007



Thanks for the eBay ad! At the moment my piles are so out of control, I want to run away but knowing me I'd end up at another junk store with lots more goodies to put away!

I'd never seen this one of Ms. Kona, This photo needs to be made into a mass marketed greeting card. She is a star!!! Let me know if she needs an agent. ;)

Shari Beaubien

What wonderful goals, Pilar. Just remember, there will always be rejection, but it's only one person's opinion. Keep on doin' what you love and don't let it bother you. Besides, it only makes the successes that much sweeter...
Hugs, Shari


Hi Pilar,
Nice to see you have recovered. I was hit by some stomach bug the week before Christmas and it almost ruined everything. Glad you are feeling better. I love your New Year's goals!! I find it hard to believe that you have that inner critic that plagues all of us. I guess we are all human after all. I have always admired your work both digital and real paper stuff. You aim for those goals and silence that critic. I am also trying to develop confidence in what I am doing. I love doing it so why do we always worry about what others may think?? Human nature I suppose. Love that greyhound.


wanna come over and clean up with me? hehe i guess we'd each end up cuddling on a sofa reading. i didn't know that about greyhound dogs, how sad. good for kona that she found such a wonderful home and a cool family that like to dress her up. ;)


Hey, when you get your studio all cleaned up and organized, I want step by step instructions...I've tried, but the best I can get is just shoved here and there and as long as it is all out of sight for a day, it is done! :0) Seriously, I need an organization intervention!


I hate to tell you this Girl, but cleaning up the art studio is never ending! LOL I do it about once a month! I mean...the deep cleaning! Right now, I have four huge boxes in my bedroom closet of art supplies that I have never used or that I will never use again....a few friends and I are going to have an Art Supply Sale in March! Never ending! Oh, I too, love the Anita Blake series! Okay....Jean Claude or Micah? Richard is a wuss! LOLOL Love Anita, she can kick some major

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