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May 28, 2007



Pilar, thanks for joining in the crusade....love hearing your cheap tricks. My gesso preference is Pearl Student Grade, $4 per quart, can't beat that (unless you buy it by the gallon!) Thanks for telling us your history with envelopes....they do take a beating like another fave: file folders.


I loved reading your manilla envelope story! Thanks for sharing your tips!


oh so many wonderful things posted, since I visited last!! love the cheap tricks & all of your latest art is ooohh so kool!! love the pics of everyone.. you are so pretty, I haven't seen a photo of you before~

hope all is well!! xo!! Bella

Ursula Clamer

Great Cheap Tricks, love the story on the manilla envelopes. I'm also into using my hands, they are the cheapest and best tool by far, and into using gesso. In Australia we have a brand of Gesso (by Matisse) that is really thick and is excellent for adding texture to a background. Ux

Altered Antiquity

I loved reading about all of your Cheap Tricks. I've never used manila envelopes as a canvas before, so that's a trick I've got to try! I can't argue about using the hands for artwork...they're one of my basic tools and I use them ALL the time! Manicures and polished nails are definitely out for me!

Crafty Green Poet

Good cheap tricks. I use recycled envelopes a lot.


Great cheap tricks! And I absolutely agree about using your hands...as my to-the-quick-nails, stained, painted, dry, bleeding-cuticle hands will prove, lol!

Penny Stuart

Pilar, love your envelope ideas! I will have to start saving them...I usually use cardboard as my backgrounds. Hey.....do you think I should finally open that huge bottle of Gesso that must be about 14 years old? The real question is....can I get it open! I want to try your ideas....gonna go grab the plyers!


Great idea, I love them envelopes either. ;)

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