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June 25, 2007


Deb G

Really like this. Especially the circles (both the big one and the small ones) and the bird.


Oh this piece totally ROCKS!
WoooHooo...High Five coming at ya! :)


Wow, this is really stunning and very mysterious.

Jo Wholohan

This peice just sucks you in Pilar, wonderful, love the colours, funky :))

ro Bruhn

Love this piece, I love circles and am mad about colour, your colours look great


wow, pilar, what an amazing piece of artwork - so much of your symbology. and i find myself asking some of the same questions about it that you did about the video piece...

and thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments. i can't wait till we get to meet in person one day, hopefully in august :-)

Pattie Mosca

This is a wonderfully inspiring piece!

Pattie Mosca

This is a wonderfully inspiring piece!

Pattie Mosca

This is a wonderfully inspiring piece!

kelly snelling

oh my. trent looks very naughty in this one. i think he is just asking for a girl like me to slap him silly. heh, heh. doesn't that sound lecherous! beautiful colors right up to the absinthe and then it's a bit heavy handed for my taste. did they have to make everything green? are we really that stupid that it has to be so obvious? ah well, trent is still the poster boy for making mania look smoking hot.

but that bear person up there. i had my dvr all set up to tape his next show but after that disney song debacle i may have to hit cancel. ha. what a maroon!

your piece of the girls with entwined hair is lovely. i always enjoy hearing where someone finds inspiration. specially super groovy girls like you, pip. xo


Fabulous piece, great texture ;-)

debra cooper

Great piece, Pilar! I really like the whole idea of it. And NIN? Wow, it's probably been 10 years since I listened to them--brings back lots of memories!

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