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June 02, 2007



Ohhhhhh this is great, love it. ;)Well, you did not knoe before, but I know this book and I am living in this way. ;)


Pilar!!! what a beautiful poem! I'll have to read it again :-) I'm currently reading Graves' The White Goddess as I finally managed to get my hands on that learned and explorative book. So I was delighted to read your post and how you were inspired. I'll also be interested in hearing more about the Medea Letter. Is it a chapbook by you? I love your blog and art, so inspired by the sacred feminine, an energy very dear to me and one which I like to think influences my life.


Hello Pilar! This is such a fantastically beautiful post...I love the artwork - how it combines so well with your poetry.
I've taken a college course in the "Sacred Feminine" and have some books on the subject - I love to read them. You've done a glorious study here =) Hope you're doing great! xxoo


Beautiful painting! I am always so impressed with people who can paint their feelings and/or beliefs.


your hard work has paid off, it is gorgeous!


Wonderful poem, Pilar! Great painting, too. I'm really enjoying your blog posts about your "Inspire Me Thursday" challenges. BTW, there is a post on my blog about the mail art you sent to me. Thanks so much for that. I'm honored to have stumbled into a swap with ya.


I can see the poem in this work! And OH, the POEM! How lovely & soulful it is. You are one talented lady!



Your images are so rich and personal that you transported me to another time and place. The poem made me actually take a moment and reread it , it was so inspiring.

Cheryl Finley

Hi Pilar,
I love both of your "Roots" posts! I struggle to find words for what a loving tribute to your parents, and a gift to yourself, both the process and the completed art. The poem is hauntingly beautiful and stirred within me my reverence for life...and my quest to befriend the divine feminine. Thank you for stoking my inner-fires on this.
I look forward to seeing more!


Oh my goodness I have just caught up on your latest blog posts and I don't even know where to begin! So much inspiration, so much to think about. Thanks you so much for introducing me to Inspire Me Thursday. I cannot wait to participate. I adore your work and I really love that you chose to show a painting that is in progress. I am scottish (I am sure with a few other things thrown in!) so would find this really interesting to consider. I love the poem too and thank you for sharing it.

Maija Lepore

Beautiful, haunting and provocative!

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