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June 10, 2007


Crafty Green Poet

I love your pages, wonderful layouts. I also love Kashmir, wonderful song that always reminds me of hippy summer festivals.

Pattie Mosca

Don't you just LOVE it when you can't get a song out of your head because it is leading you somewhere else! This piece is the lyrics!!


I love all your entries, you are really making some great art. I think the images on your ATC is perfect and reminds me of letting your mind wander"

Cheryl B

I love all of these -- the depth and colors are just wonderful. And thanks for the lyrics to one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs!


Love Led, Love your art...so glad I traveled the road that brought me here...


the heartful blogger

Lovely post...ironically, Kashmir has now triggered memories for me of living there. This week has been one big nostalgia trip for me!


Isn't it amazing how songs and song titles can inspire one to make great art?! These pages are a prime example!

patty van dorin

love these entries, they are very inspiring. Me too, a big Zeppelin fan.


Thank You for this mix of media for this post!


These are so cool Pilar. Congrats on the poetry. Gotta go listen to the Led Zepplin song coz I don't recognize it.

Maija Lepore

You are so soulful and inspiring, dear Pilar!

Deb G

I'm glad you followed the song in your head!


You ROCK! I've got Kashmir blasting right now... cuz that's how you listen to Led Zeppelin, right? I love the art your created for this prompt... very trippy indeed.


Your work is just beautiful and I love your attention to detail and how you explained your inspirations.

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