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July 12, 2007



This is such a fabulous theme. I love the work that you have done--my favorite being the nine inch nail page. i just started listening to them again in an effort to get me going on the treadmill. can't wait to see more of this book. :)


if i didnt already just love ya...your music choices would have changed that! ;) lol
what a fabulous theme & i love the artwork...the NIN has to be a fave here although they are all phenomenal.
what a wonderful collaboration, i imagine this will be one fabulous book!!

Nicole Z.

Ohhhh these are fab again ;-) Will have a look at the stencil tutorial. Love stencils ;-)


Holding my head and screaming "Your Stencils ROCK!" :)


What a great theme, will definitely mark the blog. Love your stencilling, and the NIN page is fabulous, just the perfect amount of color. Looking forward to seeing all the work! Have fun!!

susan greene

I love the stencil pieces and what a great theme to work with..rock stars. I wonder how many albums I bought simply because I loved the cover.


I love your Trent stencil almost as much as I adore your taste in music! Thanks for checking out my stuff.


Pilar - a whole book of Rock Stars? Coolest theme! Love your Morrissey stencil. I miss real album covers....as I child I wanted to be a cover designer. Who knew they would shrink to 4 inches? It will be fun to watch your project unfold on the new blog, great idea. {Thanks for the kind words}


love the alterations...looks like a fun project...blessings, rebecca

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