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July 01, 2007



beautiful!! i love the circles and the line work over her hair.


WOW..did you ever capture LIGHT! This is an amazing piece. Love the layers and the detail work on the woman! POWERful!


This is a stunning piece! So much energy and movement in it. I love it!

Laura Bray

Really beautiful. I love the "lightness" of this!


Wow, this is amazing! It's so full of light. I love the layering.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Lise Richards

LOVE her hair! Brilliant.

Pattie Mosca

THis piece just radiates light!! Love it!

Susan Greene

A beautiful piece and I love the haunting look in her eyes.

Crafty Green Poet

This is stunning! All that light and energy!

kelly snelling

wonderful, pilar. i like the color of the light especially. cleo looks like she's throwing off sparks.

happy 4th, friend!

Jo Wholohan

LOVE it Pilar, love the look of the light, you are too clever :))

I really would like to use my drawing and doodling in my work, have to muster some confidence to do it!!!!

audrey h.

This is stunning. I love the background and the doodling....especially her hair.


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Óhhhhhhhh this looks fab, love it ;-) Do you want to do an little altered page for me? I am makng a little book with altered pages and it would be fab if you join. ;-) Please let me know and I give you the details. ;-)



Good grief...I take off a few weeks and you've gone into serious creative mode! You ROCKED this piece girl. I'm speechless...beautiful work Pilar! And thanks for your well wishes! I'm so grateful. Miss you. xoxo


What a lovely piece! Stunning composition.
hugs xoxo


What a lovely piece! Stunning composition.
hugs xoxo

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