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August 03, 2007



My Dear Pilar,

A thousand thank yous for that gorgeous collage postcard you sent...It is proudly on my fridge! Thinking of you as well, my friend. How are you???

Love, Graciel

jennifer davis

So beautiful, I journal in this way often too...thank you for sharing!

Pattie Mosca

What a wonderful gift! Your collage work is layers of layers to pull from, see within, without...over and under...one layer at a time..each time I look at one of your pieces I walk away with something new...The way you do this all seeming so effortlessly just makes me so happy just being able to witness it! Thank you Pilar for sharing your wonderful creations with all of us!

Laura Bray

This is really beautiful. I didn't even notice the pop culture reference at first glance.

By the way, I've received your postcard. Thank you. It's on my inspiration board, in a place of honor.

Cheryl Finley

I love how you describe your journalling process...it sounds like mine, only I never articulated it! I love that it's an eclectic mix...and a friend with an "ear" when we need it.

The collage you made for your friend is very rich, in thought, colors and design. I love the hands, the dove and the encouraging words; and the picture of the guy is fits perfectly. (Is that a picture of your friend? Just curious.)

This is a very loving and thoughtful thing to do..


What a warm hearted PAGE !! And you'r right I think . People are strong and able to survive life through being positive!


Oh this is a very thoughtful and heartfelt page you did. Love it. ;-) A great memory, love the description of how you are working in your journal. ;-)


Gosh, Pilar,
This quote is so timely for me. With a son in rehab, I am always looking for inspirational quotes to incorporate in the things I send him that aren't too hokey or saccharine. This quote is perfect and I will use it soon! Thanks.


This pages has so much meaning! I like the way you accentuate positive strength... the hands and the beautiful bird also add wonderful symbolism. This is really beautiful!

Crafty Green Poet

What a thoughtful gift for your friend!

Judy Scott

A wonderful gift full of love and thoughtfulness ~ I love your work :)


i love the journal page, pilar. there is so much depth to all you do and i am always left in awe. truly.
and the hands struck a chord in me....i may need to journal about that! :)
also loved the image of Bear...


Such an honest expression! Our journals do become treasure chests that hold memories of all the steps along the way. Another way you're creating the beauty that life can be.

blue green dragonfly

wow. what a wonderful thing to give to a friend! How fortunate for your friend to have someone so supportive!

Deb G

I really like this piece, especially the dove. What a wonderful gift for a friend.


This is really gorgeous. What a great gift.


Beautiful piece. I love how you brought together very different images in a very harmonious way.

My journaling style is the same way as yours. I don't know what i would do without it!


what a fantastic effort for IMT! I realy enjoyed this diary theme and yours is so good.


Beautiful sentiments...just lovely and hearfelt.


Sweet work. AND I'm often so impressed with people who can do multi-layered work like this. It's really quite delicious.


I always look forward to seeing what you'll do next, and I am never disappointed! This is lovely work, and the sentiment means so much to me right now. Thank you!


More than a gift; your ART is a TREASURE!
You have a VERY LUCKY friend indeed!!


simply lovely.


I too love the symbolism and strong message in this. Your friends are very lucky to have such a thoughtful and considerate friend. And I think Bear would be chuffed too!

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