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August 19, 2007



I like the soft effect of the watercolor pencils. I wish I could see the sunflower piece a little closer - I am wondering what the writing says! The colors are gorgeous. "Believe" is beautiful, too. Rossetti's Proserpine is one of my favorite paintings... she looks wonderful in your composition!

Pattie Mosca

I know EXACTLY what you mean!! These are lovely...I do love doing the backgrounds with watercolor...I like the way it is soft and flows ... Great pieces!!

Cheryl B

These are lovely! Watercolor lends such gentle emotion to a piece.


I've been back here a few times already this morning! You have such a beautiful and inimitable style in your art; with subtle nuance and language! Magic on the page!
...wandering through this fine mist of your artistic collection and talent will get me happily through a Monday afternoon!

RE: Touch the Earth piece...did you have Crazy Horse Monument in mind when you created it? If not...you might want to check it out because the resemblance is uncanny. Powerful tribute!

Fledgling Poet

Wow, these are just beautiful...I especially love the sunflower one. You have wonderful talent.

Deb G

I really like the sunflower piece-the combination of the colors and the way the images are layered over the text. Very, very nice!


They are so beautiful!! The one with the sunflower is my favorite !:)

laura tm

Love the sunflower piece but the darker one at the left has a lovely mood to it too. And yes watercolor is a fickle medium to work with I find and best left to its' own devices lol!


"Touch The Earth" hit an emotional chord within me instantly. I too have a very heavy hand (maybe why all my work is so dark! LOL!) so I totally get what you are saying with watercolors. This piece in particular though evokes a lot of history, meaning in the subtle colors which is what I think watercolors are for. Like your prof said, painting with light. They way one utilizes light dictates how the audience percieves and in large part feels about the work.

Very powerful. Thanks!



I know what you mean. Watercolors have always been a challenge for me, too. But I had fun with this week's theme and found that if I just went with the flow...I like the result better. Your sunflower piece really calls out to me...great balance in color and design.

Tiffini Elektra X

Persephone never looked more beautiful. That is just an amazing piece! Amazing! The layers and colors - the images you choose. It is just so gorgeous.

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