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August 06, 2007



happy birthday to you my dear! enjoy that vacation!!


Just found you!! love your blog, gonna be back and visit more! Keep up the good works!!!


Wow...gorgeous creation...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY...so glad I found your blog

Silver Moon

WOW, you're giving US a gift on YOUR birthday! You're incredible!

See you in the morning, guess I will find you at the airport in your Godsmack T-shirt. tee-hee.


100th Post
1 Year Anniversary
...and most of all...

(No need to enter me in the drawing...since I already own a Pilar original :) )

Have a great vacation!


Happy double blog anniversary!!!!! And a very special birthday to you. Happy many returns, as they say :-) Blessed be,

Shari Beaubien

I wanna play! And who, praytell, is that HOT man?!?!? Hugs, Shari

Pattie Mosca

Happy blogging..happy birthday...happy vacation...most of all..........

~*~ Patty

Happy Birthday, Happy Blogging, Happy Everything! LIGHT is a wonderful piece of art, you are very generous!


Hmmmm...I think Patty is trying to tell you something! Congratulations on 1-year of blogging! This is a beautiful piece of artwork and a wonderful tribute to your grand occassion.

Have you had a great time at AU! I can't wait to hear all of the scoop!!


Happy, happy! I hope you have a wonderful time at AU. Count me in for your very generous give-away. And I second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh . . . Patty.


Happy 100th and anniversary and a HAPPY LIFE to you. This is a beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing.



Happy 100th and anniversary and a HAPPY LIFE to you. This is a beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing.


Penny Stuart

Happy Birthday Chickie Poo! Happy Birthday to you! Love your art, it's always so full of texture and wonderful designs!

Ellen Rigor

Just found your blog while surfing through lots of bloggers' links. Love your work....I will be back from time to time to see what's new.

Happy birthday, hope you had a lovely vacation, congrats on all your milestones!



Aaah all these milestones - they can creep up on us can't they!!! so happy up and coming birthday - have a wonderful vacation and congrats on your 100 post and 1 year blogaversary (in no particular order of course!!!) xxx

sheri leseberg

i totally missed my 100th post too! congrats! have a happy trip!


Wishing you a fab holiday!
Lovely piece! beautiful soft colours, very dreamy and atmospheric


Congrats Girlfriend! and i hope you're doing something crazy to celebrate your birthday. he he i sure do miss you. i can see from Maija's blog that you're having a muy fantastico time at AU! wish i was there. hugs and love to you.... and a pinch too.

XO Mija


oh i hope you had the happiest of days! happy birthday (late as it may be). ;)
the artwork is beautiful!!

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