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September 28, 2007



lots of layers and doodles! and i thought it looked familiar, seen this face before!! the bottom is my fave. i'm impressed you exchange journals, for some reason i cannot even journal for myself!! melissa is one lucky gal.

Pattie Mosca

I like them all...but the bottom one...OHHHHHH I LOVE THAT ONE!! WONDERFUL!!!!! MARVELOUS!!


I love your work, Pilar!
And I'm glad I'm not the only one who makes art while watching tv.


I do love thew bottom one as well -she reminds me of "Wednesday" on the Adams family - must have my days mixed up!


hey there "lola glitter tush". lol you vivacious feline. do you listen to Primus?
anyhow...gotta song stuck in my head.

love the artwork. you always make the most amazing pieces. you teach a class...you let me know! please. ;)



These are such fun! I love working with scraps - it's true that they almost tell you what to do with them. The bottom piece is my fave... she looks like she has a secret - it must be the combination of the no hands and that enigmatic expression.


i just love the pages pilar. especially the bottom one--the adore her face and the writing around her body.
hope you are feeling better.

ro bruhn

Fabulous Pilar, especially the bottom one


Laura Bray

I've been painting women & girls sans arms & hands lately too. Funny that we are both doing it!


Fab work mate, love all your pages. ;-)

Cheryl Finley

Hi Pilar,
Love what you've been doing. The journal pages are awesome! I too like to do stuff while watching some favorite of mine on the tube... it's rather comforting.

: ) enjoy your week!

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