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September 24, 2007



yes, led zep, gods of rock!!!
just wanna say i always love to step by for a visit of your blog:))


Since I do not have a blog yet I will post my middle name info here...sort of like riding cyber coat tails.

My middle name is Jean. Kind of boring I think. I was named after my grandmother in a pinch. I say in a pinch because my mom picked Dorothy as my middle name after her grandmother who she adored. Well my great grandmother died two month before I was born. To honor my family's grief my mom did not want to have the middle name Dorothy and decided on Jean which was her mother's name and her own middle name.

J - Could I be sickening sweet and say my boyfriend John? He is a pretty amazing guy in a very subtle way. In the 2.5 years we have been dating my heart and soul have been so calm and I attribute this to him.

E - Easter as my favorite holiday. I love spring for the soft colors the warmer weather and the images of baby animals. Easter is the reason for peeps, the greatest cult candy ever even if they taste sickening. I love Easter baskets, I love easter eggs and Easter decorations. I love it all.

A - Art would be the easiest one but it seems a bit of a cope out. Though art has saved my life and mental health several times. I will say Art R which is my dream. I would like to convert an RV Motor home into a rolling art studio so I could travel and do art anywhere and always have my art supplies and dogs on hand. Life will be grand in my art v.

N - Alice Neal....she is one of my favoirte artists. Freedom of lines and how she poses her models is so intriguing to me. I could stare at them for hours.

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