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October 01, 2007


ro bruhn

This is pretty cool for someone who can't draw, she's great.
Have you ever tried turning what you are copying upside down, makes a huge difference, you end up drawing what you see, not what you know.
Love the background too

Toni Curtis

Oh Pilar, I love her, great work. And I love the background and the grey tones.
A wonderful unique look. Toni


Wow, Pilar! She's wonderful! I'm not usually drawn to little sketches of girls that some artists do but there is an eerie, unique, mysterious quality to Alma, which makes all the difference. You've created a perfect, graffiti-like environment for her, too. Love the monochromatic color scheme. Looking forward to the accompanying story... Brilliant.

Laura Bray

Beautiful. Don't despair-your work is wonderful. It's how YOU paint. Everyone is unique & how we see the world & how we depict will be different. It's not as much about as rules (or lack thereof in art) it's about our uniqueness & the reflection of it in our art!


For someone who is "not a natural when it comes to drawing," you have developed your own unique style. Alma is charming and quirky and very, very wonderful in her own way. I love when an artist creates images that are her own and have a signature look... The background you created is very gritty and edgy, a look that you seem to like and works so well, and Alma definitely has a vibe that belongs to her, and of course... to you! So I say to you and Alma - Rock on! This is such a cool piece of art:>


she is tres cool AND she looks like herself! An original...not a look-alike, not a reproduction...well, well, well...you can draw!

Deryn Mentock

Love this Pilar! It's so grungy and great! Reminds me of the old days of $6.00 rock concerts and band t-shirts...


I love this one, love the background too. You should keep going in this direction.


Oh Pip it is so long since I have commented here - I do hope you are well! I can associate with the artists block as I have been suffering too lately - it is always lack of confidence that gets me. I love this piece! I can really empathise with how you feel about your art - I always feel that I am not a 'natural' artist in so many ways - oftentimes it is such a struggle but we always get through it in the end - I have to 'push' through it but it is wonderful when you come out the other side - and create pieces as strong as this!! Wonderful


pilar, thank you for my lovely card. it came at such a good time today. you put a smile on my face---i have been so under the weather for days now. anyway, i truly love alma. i love the colors and i love the words in your post...we are on some sort of similar path, i do believe. glad your mojo is back!

Maija Lepore

I am so pleased to meet her....you rock!


Are you planning to catch any of the Misfits shows during the (omg) 30th Anniversary tour? Sabrina and I have tickets and yes, we're taking the day off school and work to hang around the venue to meet the band. Just making the holiday stretch out a little longer ;)


Pilar - once again you inspire me! I LOVE Alma The Singer In The Band :) A cloud of ART FUNK has been over me...but last night -- because of YOUR inspiration I picked up a paintbrush and painted a woman's face -- something I had never done before!!!!! She may make it to my blog this weekend :)

Rock On!

Leslie M

Pilar, she is wonderful! Also well-drawn. Great mojo.


I'd say you can draw! I know what you're saying though about being taught that if it's not realistic it's not art, and also something that I struggle with. But I did sketch a face the other day, maybe I'll post her tomorrow, we'll see.


Step back and yell, "Yee Ha!" PIP has created another funky, dark, fantastic piece! I LOVE Alma & am particularly drawn to her eyes. You CAN draw, my friend! This is expressionism at its best!


Maija Lepore

The eyes on your woman are very haunting...


oh, i love her!!! what a cool face! beautiful!

Judy Wise

I agree with the previous comments - she has a wonderful expression and it is a great drawing!


Girl, your drawings are Rockin'!! i Love those languid eyes. just ask Kelly, i have a thing for them but you've created stellar pieces with your drawn women. i hope to see many more!
XOX Mija

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