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October 21, 2007


Michelle Ward

pilar - i knew you'd come through on this one! that first one is so spooky! that little bit of skull coming through - perfect! they are all great! thanks for joining in the crusade. xo


Really great images, Pilar! I hope you're doing well, and am glad to see you're still creating lots of beautiful art! xo, Peggi

Mia Howard

Wow, I love that first image!

Judy Wise

whoa, I LOVE all of these! way to spook.


the first one is most impressive... *shiver*, but really like the green-brown angel-piece, too!

Pattie Mosca

They are all fabulous....YOU ARE AMAZINGLY CREATIVE!

Katie Kendrick

whooooo....scarey, pilar!! you did a great job, the first one is particularly hauntingly fabulous!


Oooooooohhh, these are Creepy Kool! Goth art, right up your alley, eh?! so inspiring to see your latest creations Pilar. i've been missing ya, mi amiga!
smiles, Mija


love the digi-art, it's scary fab!

Maija Lepore

They are so flipping cool, Pilar!


Oooh, I love the bottom one!


veery cool, and i dig the gothic lolita! arent't the japanese girlz fun? :)


veery cool, and i dig the gothic lolita! arent't the japanese girlz fun? :)


veery cool, and i dig the gothic lolita! arent't the japanese girlz fun? :)


Oooh... these are wonderfully spooky and mysterious and kinda creepy, but in the best way. The top gal is actually downright scary, but the bottom two have a very romantic vibe. I love, love the layering in them. The colors of the middle piece are very rich. Nice work!!!


pilar, hi there! i hope all is well.
i love these digitals. very spooky and i love all the layers you have going.

Laura Bray

Pilar! These are wonderful. Is there any art medium you don't excel in?


Holy Moly, Pip! These are WILD! I love them, especially the first. Leave it to you to see the macabre in just about everything - I would so love to get inside your head for a few minutes!



I adore the first image for how deliciously creepy it is and Mana epitomizes goth for me.

A crusade newbie,

ro bruhn

Great images Pilar, love the second one


These are fabulous gothic images with edge. Fabulous!The skelly head is a bit on the spooky side.......


you are amazing girl!! Love these pieces...I think I shall try playing along with GPP~ xo ~Bella p.s. have you been writing lately?!


The first one is spooky, but oh so cool, and the last 2 are absolutely gorgeous!

judy wilkenfeld

Love it all especially no 2.


Wow, very cool. I especially love that first one!


Don't know why I didn't comment when I saw this post the first time. Your images are beautiful! I love the angels best, but really I love them all.

Crafty green Poet

These are all great, but I like the last one best - ethereal gothic!

Monica Magness

Congrats Pilar on being the top hat winner for Crusade No. 13! :) Awesome blog and post, looking forward to seeing what you come up with next! ~Monica :)

Laurie Blau-Marshall

Congrats on your Top Hat win! Super cool looking digi-pics.

(And that's a really great piece on Sylvia Plath - excellent points.)


Kathleen Chabot

Congratulations on winning the GPP Crusade 13! All three pics are great, the first is espefially eerily wonderful.


Congrats on winning the latest GPP Crusade, Pilar! Your macabre artwork is waaaay cool! Glad to have found your blog... will visit often... very nice work, girl!

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