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October 27, 2007


Judy Wise

Well said. Have you noticed that men are not categorized in that way?

Laura Bray

This is a really beautiful post, Pilar.

My parents and I got in trouble when I was in 6th grade because I was reading "Black Like Me". My school thought it was inappropriate reading for someone my age.

Maija Lepore

So well put, Pilar!
I agree with your assesment of the memory of Sylvia Plath.
I bet those nuns just about shit themselves when they saw you with that book!


Hi Pilar! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful post, and the lovely photo of Sylvia - she looks so full of life and happy there. Your words are a wonderful tribute...Best wishes, Peggi


what a beautiful, beautiful post! a lovely tribute to all artists who are made out to be only a small piece of what they were. xoxox


exquisite post my friend! my question is, Why does anyone need to be explained and defined at all?! every person is many things, things that can be considered evil, ill or illuminating yet we are also a whole being with one true self, the soul. thanx for honoring Sylvia, one who touched so many with her heart gifts.

Shari Beaubien

This is such an eloquent and beautifully written piece, Pilar. Thank you for sharing and teaching me about a woman that I didn't really know before. Hugs, Shari


this was a beautiful tribute. thank you for reintroducing sylvia plath. i do like her poetry.

Cheryl Finley

Hi Pilar,
It's good to be back at your blog...thank you so much for introducing me me Sylia! What a passionate story this is. It's good to be able to apprciate her for her and her art.
Thanks again!


I feel so blessed to see the world as a poet, though it is not always easy. The poet never looks away. Thank you for your commitment and courage regarding your art and the art of others, including Plath. Oh and congratulations regarding the October GPP Street team

Kathleen Chabot

I enjoyed your essay on Sylvia Plath. It's been ages since I've read her, and you've made me want to renew acquaintance.
I'm sorry about the experience you had with the nun who confiscated your book. I was taught by nuns from grade school through college, and never new anything but kindness, intelligent teaching, and personal attention to the advancement of my interest in writing. Once, a nun apologized to me in front of the class, for a wrongful accusation also made before the class. It's sad that one bad experience can taint how one views a whole group of people.


When I was in 4th grade, I was told by the school librarian I would not be allowed to checkout Judy Blume's "Are You There God, It's Me Margaret." I might have threatened her with my Mafia ties, for eventually she gave in. Little did she know I was also reading V.C. Andrews and Mommy Dearest in class, behind my Scholastic textbook.

Jill <- Jolene's Kid!

debra cooper

Great post, Pilar! And it was Sylvia Plath and the Bell Jar that got us talking and realize all the neat stuff we have in common ;-) I remember you recommending her poetry but I've had a hard time finding it. Does she just have one book or more? Can you give me the name of a compiliation I can keep an eye out for?


Wow! She still looks good for 75, and dead...

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