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December 02, 2007


Deb G

I like this a lot, especially the text hidden under the layers of color.


Really, really beautiful.


oh my gosh! paradox! yes, yes! the negative space in this piece has me entranced. i almost couldn't tear my eyes away to look at the other areas. my eyes were darting over and over again to each of the vertical lines that look as if they've been torn away. very engaging and intriguing. so cool!


Love the muted colors (especially the greens) and how the painting seems to change the longer I look at it.


I love the composition of this. Plus the richness of all the different layers.

Sharon at Norah'S

This is so beautiful. I don't know why but it makes me think of an oriental landscape or mountain scape

Maija Lepore

Freaking awesome, Pilar! I wish I could rub my very clean hands on it - it looks so rich with texture!

Cheryl Finley

I'm so glad you're back at IMT, Pilar! And what an unusual & beautiful piece of art!! I do love it it's rich and abundant with ingrigue..like a riveting "page-turner". I love it!
You are so talented...wow! indeed!

By the way, isn't it synchronistice that we both chose to create a visual paradox! We're on the same wavelength!



I love it. The layers of paradox. I even think I see outlines of faces on the left side. But I may be seeing things, like you do when there's paradox in life...


i'm saying "yum" to these colors...they all "hold hands."


i'm saying "yum" to these colors...they all "hold hands."


I see the oriental landscape too. I love the feel of the piece. Thanks for sharing.

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