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April 28, 2008


Shari Beaubien

Woo hoo! This scarf is absolutely fabulous, Pilar!! Love the fabric and the way it's put together. Just perfect. Hugs, Shari

kelly snelling

i think your scarf turned out lovely, not too patch-worky a bit. and kona in the elmo hat has me cracking up. i tried the tudors first season. they just didn't do it for me. but boy howdy they sure are naughty!

liz smith

hi pip!!
very cool scarf!! just wanted to say thanks for the BWO link--i LOVE it and have posted about it on my blog. no more guilt for me!! YAY!! have added a link to your blog on my sidebar--hope that's ok!
take care
liz xx

Sue Pieper

Your friend will love the scarf, how could she not? I don't think I knew that you had a greyhound, we had one that we got from a rescue, so she got to live the rest of her life on our couch-as it should be:) I often think of getting another one, maybe some day, they are the most wonderful breed of dog that I've ever had the pleasure of owning. Give Kona a cookie for me:)

Maija Lepore

I have to get caught up on this show!!
Should I just buy it????

Kim Veldt

"One of the drawbacks of using history as the bases of your script is the fact the audience knows the end of the story."

I KNOW , lol - I waded through the whole Marie Antoinette movie and then skipped the end when I remembered where we were going with the story line - duh.

And thanks - both for stopping by and the sweet comment you made on that rather un-deserving post lol. If your friend does NOT like the scarf , I'd be more than happy to take it off her hands. . .

Melissa Melissa

Oh I am hooked on the Tudors. I am lame and don't have cable but I just rented the entire first season. Now I am dying to find out what happens next....ok ok....yeah I know....but exactly how....Ok I admit it I am an Elizabeth I fan and will watch anything about her.

Kona looks to cute all dressed up.


the scarf looks great! pretty pretty colors too.
so it has passed, what did you think of the season ender of the Tudors?

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