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May 15, 2008


Judy Wise

What an exquisite piece. I'm speechless too when it comes to you Pilar. You are awesome.


i think this has taken the spot of favorite artwork by you! this piece is incredible---just like you!


Shari Beaubien

SUCH a beautiful piece, Pilar! I love the deep blue and the coppers together... Hugs, Shari

Mike Jennings

Sojourn's a corker, I absolutely LOVE this one.

Maija Lepore

Fabulous! You have such an incredible eye for color!

Valerie Cramer

Pilar- thanks for the comment and for adding me to your blog roll!! =) Great enigma piece!


Pilar! We've moved...still in Corona del Mar - still two blocks from the vast Pacific...when unpacking a box yesterday I came upon several of your postcards and had to stop my work for a moment just to SAVOR them again.
What can I say....YOU ROCK...and so does your latest ENIGMA piece....LOVE it!
Sorry for not communicating lately - moving and working full time isn't easy at my age ;-)

Judy Wilkenfeld

Gosh this is so brilliant, the colour is so powerful too.

denise lombardozzi

nice work!

Kristen R

And have I told you how much I absolutely feel enthralled by this. Dovone my friend.


Such a beautiful piece!!!! You have an awesome eye for color! I love it! I also love your blog! I am 12 and I just started a blog and an ETSY site where I sell my handmade jewelry.
I would love it if you would come check out my blog sometime!

Deryn Mentock

Hey Pilar...I don't think I got a chance to tell you how much I love this piece. Beautiful!


This is lovely Pilar!

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