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August 14, 2008



Best wishes for a lovely day!!! Hope this year is less hectic and extra special!

Angie Platten

Gosh, maybe I better go back on my blog and see how old I am! LOL! Congratulations on your birthday! I really enjoy your work.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIP!! I had hoped to send you Bear in a box, but he's off filming Man vs. Wild somewhere and my tracking skills are not that good.

Anyway, I hope you have a beautiful day. I am running so very far behind on August Birthdays-there are 4 special folks in my life who are all celebrating this month and I need to do some shopping! It's gonna be late, but goodies will be forthcoming, so keep your eyes peeled.

I just want you to know your friendship is a blessing in my life, I adore you and the world is a better place, simply by virtue of you being here.

Sending you much love my friend!

Sharon @ Norah'S

Congratulations and Happy Birthday Pip.

Laura Bray

Happy Birthday! The mailman should be delivering birthday greetings you to any day now! I remembered this year! Wishing you a year of joy, art & poetry.

Judy Wise

Happy Birthday to you dearest one. You bring joy to every party; now it's your turn. xo

Dede Warren

Congrats on urning two, I'm with you... I love this big wide world of fun creativity shared.


Lorraine George

Happy, happy day girlfriend!!!

Missing you and also missing that weather out there!

Mary Beth Shaw

Happy B-day dear one!!! Hope you are having a wonderful day filled with all the things that make you smile.

kelly snelling

it's your birthday! it's your birthday! shake it! hi, hi! holla at cha boi! okay already! Happy Birthday! i wanted to throw in all our silly catch phrases from the last few days. i hope your day was excellent. i hope you had cake and candles (essential birthday business!). and i can't wait to see you again for our jewelry making shenanigans.

ruth rae

Happy Birthday!

Jenny Daniels

Happy Birthday Pilar! I can't wait to hear the wild tales of the weekend! I hope all your dreams come true!


Barbara Burkard

i found you thru my sweet angel pal jenn! happy birthday! love your art!!!

big birthday hugz


Ack!! so sorry Pip, i'm a day late with my Birthday wishes! know i was thinking of you yesterday but was at MECCA 10 hours trying to catch up from our wild weekend!!!

and double ditto what Lelainia said, i surely can't say it better. You're a treasure mi amiga bonita! and I'm divinely blessed by your friendship. Birthday goodies are coming for you... i Love you and wish for you a year of wellness and wild creative abandon.



Special treats coming soon from me, too!
Love you!


Happy Blog birthday. I never win anything so this is my gift to the others...it will increase their chances!

Tanya Peacock

Happy Birthday! Sorry for my tardiness... I just got back from Kansas. Hope you had a very happy day and wishing you every Blessing!


Happy Birthday and many more. Just found your blog thru RuthRae. Your give away will be on my sisters birthday.

Maija Lepore

Me! Me! Me! Me!!

Jeri Aaron

Happy Belated Birthday!

Joanie Hoffman

Happy Birthday!
I am enjoying your blog.

Maj Carita

Happy birthday and happy blog aniversary!

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