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October 06, 2008


Maija Lepore

After watching last nights episodes, I'm definetly digging him more.


Glad to see you are finding more peaceful moments Pip! I've bee thinking about you a lot...

I love with you did with the chalk and I had a good chuckle about your purse, although I'm not so sure you chuckled at the time!



Glad to hear your finding your footing.

Big fan of the Southern Vamp books and True Blood. You're right Stephen Moyer is yummy! :)

kelly snelling

hey you! i just crawled out from under the rock as well. are the harris books the ones that true blood sprang from? i forget. did you love them? i may have to borrow them from you when we finally get together. hint, hint, nudge, nudge. the kids are our of school early every day this week. but we Need a coffee chat time. holler back friend-o!

Laura Bray

Is the Twilight series worth reading? I'm tempted, but wasn't sure...

Ken Lange

>>So this is my cup of noodles. What have you been up too?

Sorry to hear about your grandpaps. All mine have passed by now. Just the great aunt is left, but only haning on by a thread. That whole generation of my family is caput.

I was just "On The Road" to go to one of the most chaotic weddings I've been too in upstate (mid state?) New York. Twas fun. It was moved at the last minute from the local lake to the local fire house. {~; Yes, somebody did accidentally set off the siren at one point. Drove from KC to Albany area in 5 days. Zooooom! Saw Niagara Falls, took the Cave Of The Winds tour, where the gf and I were cleansed in the thunderous roar of water and wind at the bottom side of one of the falls, and said hi to the storm/water dragons in or around there.

I'll have photos cropped, resized, and edited for general viewing soon.

One of the websites in which I've been working on the design aspects should be in public view now: www.neurotrash.tv

Yes, I saw ol' Jimmy on the Olympics. He looked better than I've seen him in a long time.

I'll have to check out Damien Rice, Brandi Carlisle, and Dunkan Sheik, can't remember if I've listened to them yet. I got into Iron & Wine a few years back when "Our Endless Numbered Days" came out, but I guess I got tired of them, errr, him, pretty quickly. Ever listen to Devendra Banhart? His early records sound uncannily like Mr. Marc Bolan. Along these same lo-fi lines of band w/ one person, The Mountain Goats might be of interest. I'm sure you're familiar with Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst?

Here's a quick look at some of the current songs in my Rhapsody playlist:
The Enemy UK~Away From Here
The Last Shadow Puppets~The Age of The Understatment
The Last Shadow Puppets~My Mistakes Were Made For You
Fleet Foxes~White Winter Hymnal and Ragged Wood
Fleet Foxes~Ragged Wood
MGMT~Time To Pretend
The Airborne Toxic Event~Gasoline
Foals~Olympic Airways
Poppy and The Jezebels~Ufo
The Chalets~Two Chord Song
Elbow~Grounds For Divorce
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club~Howl
Secret Machines~Flying
Tilly and The Wall~Beat Control
The Ting Tings~Shut Up And Let Me Go
The Kills~Sour Cherry


Tally Oliveau

Grab those minutes in the day and hold them tightly, stretch them to thier limit and tame them to do your bidding. You need and deserve it.

cathie conzemius

i'm also hooked on true blood. bill is sexy!!! wooowzy, wow.

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