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October 18, 2008


Catherine Witherell

You look good without makeup. Being happy is better than make-up!

And your painting is looking more like you. I like it.


No makeup? Who needs it when you are as BEAUTIFUL as YOU (inside and out)!

Jennifer Rogers- Daniels

I think the painting is fabulous! I like the pink background,too.
I wanted to do a big self-portrait and have thought about Kelly's challenge she posted on her blog. I am off-track in one more week, maybe we can all get together and I'll give it a go!

kelly snelling

hey sweet girl! you did a great job with your SP! post the lastest version, too. it is really lovely. and gossip in the grain is wonderful!! thank you, thank you!

Maija Lepore

That is a darling photo of you and the little!!

Eric makes me tingle.

I can't wait to see more of your self portrait!


I have already committed to my 15 year old daughter that I would take half a day off work because she has early release the day it comes out. That way we can see it early in the day (hopefully before all the crowds). Oh, and she wants me to purchase the tickets ahead of time so there is no question about us getting in the theater to see it. She has read all 4 of the books a loved them as did her friends. I read the first one and liked it, but not as much as she did. I am excited to see it played out on film though.


So THERE'S the little one with her Aunt! I don't know which one is more impish (or more cute!)

Love that self portrait!


Laura Miller

two little bare-faced beauties. Thanks for the tip, I love Gossip in the Grain. Never heard him before. Your portrait is inspiring. I, too,have hesitated to do a self. You are just one great motivator for me today!

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