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November 09, 2008



OMG! I nickname people and things too! And here I thought I was some oddball. GOos to know you're sitting on ther weirdness bench with me Pip! xo

Catherine Witherell

I love these! I have the same kind of memory and if momentarily I can't remember something, (because at 50 I have so much in there ya know!) I just sit and remember all the circumstances and come back the the thing I wanted to remember. Usually takes 2-5 minutes but I remember. Smells too, like the last time I smelled that. Ha, ha!

I love words too and did this when I was in high school and in my 20's. Don't have time now.

More in an email so people don't think I am too weird. I've got to have a few secrets!

Cute about the hats though

Maija Lepore

You are a total kook and I love you!!

Laura Miller

I love words and their stories as well and nicknames are an old family tradition. Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments.

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