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August 04, 2009



Well, Happy Birthday Pilar, and Happy Blog Birthday to you! You know I think your work rocks, so I'm in!! Wishing you all the best, this month and always! Hugs, Sharon


Hey, I want to be a lucky duckie!! Happy bday, Pip. Your art is amazing and I'd love to win a prize :) XOXO Michelle

Maija Lepore

Well, since I already have most of those goodies, I'll leave my name off so it goes to someone else!


Happy Birthday, Pliar! And happy "blog-iversary", too!

Lotus Vele

I love birthdays and blog-iversaries! Congratulations!

nicole merkens

Happy Birthday Girlie! I absolutely love the painted heart! You are so good at faces. I envy you! I hope this is a fantastic year for you! Celebrate every day!
xo- Nicole a.k.a "artgirly"

Michelle Remy

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you...well, I'll spare you the rest of my off-key singing but know that I am sending lots of birthday love your way! xo - Michelle

Dede Warren

Congrats, and Happy Birthday Pilar! What are you gonna do for the big day? Those hand dyed fabrics are calling my name... any chance on a tutorial if I don't win? Oh please!


happy birthday Pilar,those hand dyed fabrics, look yummy,,,,please put my name in


Nice favors!


OMG, it's your birthday PIP!! Sorry, I'm so freakin' out of it these days!

Well precious friend, the sky cracked loudly and the heavens open widely to deliver your powerful soul to this earth! A divine and blessed day indeed!

Happy Birthday and blogiversary to you!!

XOX Mija


This is my first time to your blog! Happy Birthday and blog-versary to you:)You are giving away such wonderful items and I'd love to be included in the drawing.


Congrats on both. Love the little heart face.


Hope you have fun celebrating both your birthdays - the winner of your gift certainly will have! Great art as always, so I´d love to win!

Tami Roth

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Pilar! Hope you have a super fun birthday and anniversary celebration! I'd be thrilled to win your art :)

Tamara C.

Happy Birthday Pilar! I hope your day is filled with creativity, joy and love! If my name is chosen, I am sending the wonderful gift to a fellow artist I know would love it!! :)

Big Hugs, Tamara


Happy Birthday wishes to you!


Have a wonderful birthday! You are an amazing artist!


Happy, Happy to my OC Sista!

Dan Bergeson

Nifty, giveaways on your birthday! Just like Hobbits. Ooh, I hope I win! Regardless, so glad you came into the world right around the same time as me. Dan

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