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October 03, 2009


martha brown

I was on the bus yesterday with a bunch of teenagers -- one was wearing a bauhaus tshirt and it made me smile -- because they were dressed more like rich sex pistols wanna be's. I was trying so hard not to smile because they were trying to act tough..... oh, youth..... my heart is still there.... but I'm glad my head is not.

nathalie jamar

love this post.
love music, and what it does for us.

Peggi Meyer Graminski

Hi Pilar! Fantastic post, and awe-inspiring art (I adore all of your work - but the one on the top is my absolute fav). I remember my horrid high school years too, and yes - music was often the only thing to get me through those times I thought would never end. Hope you are doing well. Big hugs!


oh, MAN! you brought my mind rushing back to my turntable and how MUCH I loved it. It kept me sane during the late teens... and that's before I even put any records on it!!

These pieces are so cool.


We would have totally hung in high school Pip! I still love all my high school music and it did serve me well. I'm so grateful to it as a safe refuge and saviour of sorts. I loved retreating to my music where I felt understood and validated during an awkward and confusing time. The music I listened to also identified me, in a way, so I would not have to explain myself to anybody... especially since I wasn't always so sure of myself from one day to the next. Oh how I loved my stereo, of course I had to have a turntable for all those dance mixes and European cuts that were only available in vinyl. I still have many of my fave albums! Thanx for the trot down memory lane Pip! XOX

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