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January 06, 2010



Something similar here is called Russian Christmas, and I believe it is tomorrow. It is celebrated by the Russian irthodox Christains. Unfortunately, I don't know too much about it. I do know that a lot of people keep their trees up till then, and their lights on. Oh, and it usually always snows on Russian Christmas!
As we talk about traditions and old times...I try to tell my daughter that our stockings were not filled to the brim with expensive items and gift cards. In ours we found a tangerine, a walnut, a popcorn ball, and chocolate gold foil coins! And I loved it! Hugs !!

caterina giglio

I love hearing that you celebrate Epiphany, just lovely! thanks!

Maija Lepore

Wonderful story! What a great way to bring tradition to the wee one!! And a pressie too!

Laura Bray

What a great tradition! Hope your holidays were great.


This is so charming! I never practiced this tradition, in all my years of churchgoing and worship. This is lovely. And your photos are great. Thanks for sharing this. I hope you had a warm and meaningful Epiphany.


I love traditions! What a wonderful story.


pilar - i love hearing this story. what a clever thing to leave greens for the camels.

we always honored the day in some way - usually with cake.....later, i would make cookies with my kids on epiphany since there was never time before xmas.

my first set of wise men were three different santa figures, all painted white, and we added paper crowns and vestments to them.

your three kings image is divine. xo

(happy bday JP tomorrow...i finally got to see It Might Get Loud....awesome)


So lovely to read of your traditions and how you have come back to reaffirm them.
Best Wishes Jo

nicole merkens

oh I love this tradition. I did not know of it. Im proud of you for carrying it on. Traditions are so important and really good for the soul.
-xxoo nicole

asthma fabrics

This is a very nice piece of art… I like it.

work from home

I’m a Christian but I don’t know this tradition… I’m very curious about it. I have to go Google it.

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