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February 24, 2010


Lelainia Lloyd

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! PIP! I am *SO* in love with this! It's amazing and so beautiful! GIrl, your work just keeps getting better and better! *claps hands in glee*

Miss you. I am in the Olympic home stretch now, so I will email you soon. SUnday is the closing ceremonies, so after that I am on a 2 week break for change over and will catch up with you.



Ohhhh PIP!!! I loooooove this, it is sooooooo beautiful, the movement you captured is soooooo right! You inspire me so much. thank you for sharing this!

kelly snelling

neener, neener, neener! it belongs to me! lol! and i will tell you right now, in person, even MORE gorgeous!! thank you, thank you, pip!!


I absolutely love this!!!!!

nicole merkens

i love this! its all sewn? And it has a bird in it- I love it even more! Great job!
-xo nicole


great piece

ruth rae

perfect! I had a crow as a pet when I was a girl so I have a soft spot for them...(I would love something like this to hold my iphone)

Maija Lepore

Absolutely stunning Pilar!!




love this
want to marry it

Deryn Mentock

LOVE this, Pilar! The Painter's shirt is outstanding, as well. You clever girl!

debra cooper

Omgoodness, Pilar, your wrap(s) is gorgeous!!! I LOVE the idea and your stitching is sublime! xo, debra

diane cook

This is stunning! I love getting here via the links of the crescendoh curators =)....
Brings us to places we might not have ever gotten. This is just gorgeous Pilar =)

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