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March 16, 2010



You should check out Threadbangers on iTunes. You can subscribe and download their video podcasts for free. They have some amazing upcycling tutorials that are right up your alley.

Laura Bray

I love Disney's blog. Tons and tons of great ideas, huh? How are you doing these days?

martha brown

These fingerless gloves are wonderful (I caught a peak of them on Maija's blog too)

Nancy Jamar

Saw Miss Maija wearing your sock gloves last weekend....they're HOT! And polka-dotted! She looked like a box of Good 'n Plenty! Love 'em!


Only you could 'upcycle' with such funky aplomb! Very fun!
BTW ... I think you should've designed an Oscar gown for Charlize Theron - those fabric flowers would have been SOOOOO much more fun on her 'boob' dress than the ones she sported! ~wink~

caterina giglio

great upcycling! the sock glove is brilliant!

Mary Beth Shaw

These are all fabulous! I especially love the sock/gloves though, too cute.

kelly snelling

you are so terribly clever, pilar! i love all new creations. they're fabulous!

Maija Lepore

I love your fabric flowers!
I adore my tee shirts and my fingertless gloves!!!!!


Hi Pilar,
It's been a while...

I am with you! I am going to add some trim to old hoodies and other things. I am also cutting back on supply purchases this year (with very little success). It really does bring out more creativity. I love the feeling of being resourceful. (I also love the feeling of buying 10 pairs of shoes at Nordy's) (evil laugh) These are not the days of gluttony....these are the days of "can I spray paint that?" ;)


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