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August 31, 2010


caterina giglio

oh this is just beautiful, Pip! love the hand ... symbol of creation and lovingly handmade by you!! what a great and gracious gift!!
ps.. saw Sarah the other day and told her you sent your hellos and we both wished we could just jump on a flight and see you!!! xoxox

Lelainia N. Lloyd

That is spectacular Pip! LOVE the heart and hand. One of my fav quotes is a Shaker saying which is this: Whatsoever the hand finds to do, the heart shall go forth in unison.

Lucky, lucky Maija. Your work is just growing in leaps and bounds. Brava!

Brenda Gebhart

You do such beautiful work. I love the layers and textures.


Gorgeous Pip! Your love shines through in every piece you stitch!

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