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February 17, 2011



Beautiful Pip! And I have an art journal of my own to start...thanks to you! ; )

mary jane dodd

whatever came together for you, i am so glad it did... it requires discipline - and i understand the self-imposed pressure to make everything be just the best you can make... these are beautiful and meaning-filled pages... maybe this time, you let your heart be your guide instead of your head... thank you for sharing this -

susan greene

wow....congratulations for finishing an amazing art journal. The pages you posted are great.

Sylvia Luna/Silver Moon Studios

Ditching all the rules puts artists at the top of their game, just like you did here. Congratulations, it's a masterpiece. xo

Kelly Snelling

it looks amazing, pilar! way to go! mine is still in the same thing i carried it to gina's in. :0(

Catherine Witherell

Pilar I love the pages you've showed us in this journal. They are gorgeous and such an interesting representation of you. I do the same thing with journals and have a few but I do creep along in them. CONGRATULATIONS ON COMPLETING A BOOK!!!!! I'll bet, even though it's (mostly) for your eyes only that it's a stunner.

And thank you for sending me a wonderful valentine. I have to admit that knowing you, when I commented because I missed the right spot on the list that you might ( :O) because I couldn't take it for granted that you really would) still send me a card. I was right because you are sweet and generous and you must have known how much I like the art you make. Thank YOU! xoxo

You rock!

Deryn Mentock

This is so "you" Pilar! It's just wonderful. And doesn't it feel good to do your own thing, your own way? Thanks so much for the incredible valentine. You rock!

kristen robinson

Amazing as always my sweet friend! I love that you do not abide by any rules you are a treasure a true treasure!

caterina giglio

well, first... thank you!!! for the beautiful Valentine!! just got here, I assume it was lost in the mail!!! any way I love it Pip, thanks for thinking of me!!
second, I am on my third art journal and I know what you mean, the "perfect" art thing was a struggle, but then I decided it was just for ME and I didn't care what others thought about it and now I can't wait to play each month. I do a two page spread each month and each journal is a year of personal work... I love it and I love your journal! big hugs dear one!! grazie mille!!

Maija Lepore

I love this peak into your creative mind. Your method of letting go of perfection really resonates with me- I need to do a journal just for me.
I think this journal is so very Pilar!!! oxox


Oh, BIG high five and much congratulation! This is one of the most difficult things--at least for me! I think these pages are so cool, and I love your drawings! I'm glad you pushed past the fear, and kept making it your own.

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